Saturday, 3 March 2012

And still raining....

We had a short break yesterday and worked like dogs to get things fixed before the next deluge. I now know the meaning of being physically tired. Floods are exhausting to say the least. The wombat attacked is still with us although his wounds are very severe on the back so like Buzz, time will tell but he is at least safe now and dry and warm. Buzz has recovered so well and is doing better every day now. Hard to believe how he came in a few months ago. We have had 215mls so far and counting as it has been raining solid now again for a few hours and that has once again blocked us in completely. If the current rain keeps up, well.........who knows. Certainly won't be going anywhere. You cannot even drive around and see the damage on the property. Next week will be a long week, that is for sure once the rain has stopped. So for now, will continue to make plans to build an ark!!!

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