Saturday, 14 July 2012

I don't get it sometimes.....

I know that a combination of the good and bad make life worthwhile. In other words good times would not be good if you didn't experience bad times. That does not mean you have to accept or like the bad times or events. Daphne has arrived with no baby joey. What does this mean? I would say it is dead. That gorgeous little girl didn't get much of a chance at life did she? Here the wombats are as safe as they can be in the wild with the support if its required. If a little wombat joey cannot survive here for whatever reason, it makes me wonder how bloody hard it is for them in the wild. The success rate must be hideously low. Its sad to see her with no bulge anymore. And her behaviour has changed dramatically as a result. She is no longer the brave mother wombat but more a timid wombat again.

Miss G has also decided to go AWOL. I wish she wouldn't. She is not all there mentally and cannot stand up for herself but she insists on getting out. I'm hoping she will turn up again as she normally does after a few days.

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