Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Still going....

I still miss Johnson. Still feel so bad that I couldn't save him and had to make that decision for him. Its been a shocker of a week wombat wise. 2 dead wombats on the dirt road, both really healthy animals, such a waste for somebody to slam into when driving too fast. We also managed to get the manged wombat so that had to be put down immediately. At least that wombat we have helped as it would have been suffering for a long time. It was in a very bad way.

There has been some good news. There is a strong chance that Daphne is now leaving her wombat joey in the burrow at night when she comes to the feed station. We have put the night webcam at her burrow in the hope we may see her with it. Hopefully we will see Daph bring her joey to the feed station in a few weeks/months - with all the bad news of late, it would be a wonderful thing to see.

Still no sign of Miss G. I do worry about her, cannot help it. Have been to look for her but no sign so I have no idea as to where she has gone. I'm still hoping she will come back to the enclosure area at some point as she has done in the past. Will have to wait and see. Otherwise all wombats behaving (sort of) and we have two new residents coming in shortly, both females thankfully. All the wombats we have in care now are males, except for one female so more of a balance would be good.

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