Friday, 10 August 2012


So Barney has left again. We took him up to an enclosure after his course of antibiotics and he is not yet better but he has escaped so I hope he stays away from trouble for a while. At least he has been fed up for a few nights and regained some strength but somehow I think we are going to see him again, in the same state, if not worse. There are some wombats that just don't cope or who aren't aggressive enough. Sadly you only find them when its injured or dead mostly but we will remain positive and think that he has learnt his lesson again.

Trying to get up to do work in the enclosure area with a new baby and toddler is challenging to say the least. And when the two dogs come with, oh boy, I just about give up. Indy is starting to show signs of intelligence *lol* at almost 9 months. She is stubborn though but is coming along with her training. Bella is just gorgeous, she is 21 months old now and truly an amazing dog. I'm hoping Indy will learn from her. Still no Vegemite at the feed station. Its been more than a week now and I don't have a good feeling about her not coming. She has ALWAYS come every night. We are going for a walk this evening to check burrows and the creek, maybe we will see something.

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