Monday, 20 February 2012


Well, I had an interesting morning between the hours of 2-4am. Around 2am I got woken up with banging from Bean's enclosure. Now, I didn't open up his gate for last night into the extension. I open it up for a few hours, then close it due to Boney Bum visiting and harassing him late at night. BUT, last night was different. At 10pm I closed up for Bean, who hadn't even gotten up yet. He was awake as I checked on him in his burrow. All was good, so went off to bed.
2am, heard banging and screaming. I figured that Boney Bum had jumped into the extension and was 'talking' to Bean through the fencing. How wrong was I. I eventually got up to have a look at BB had somehow managed to open the door to Bean's enclosure and was chasing Bean all over. Bean was exhausted. Got him back in which wasn't hard, then got BB out who promptly lay down in the wet grass and rested. Still not a sound from him which is just bizarre.

So sorted that out and went back to bed. 4am, Madam J woke up, required a bottle. Then of course Indy required a piddle. Upon coming back up the stairs, there was Veg, demanding more food. Quite bizarre. Got Indy inside, then went back out to the studio to get Veg some food. She followed me into the studio, she has never done that before. Then I couldn't get her out of the studio!! Eventually I coaxed her out with some food in a bucket. Its funny but when the weather is really bad, sometimes they just like to know you are 'around'. We don't have anything to do with them but they in turn left us know they are around while the weather is unsatisfactory. So eventually got back to bed after 5am. And this morning when I went back out, I could see that Veg had tried to go back into the studio after I'd closed it up by her muddy paw prints on the door. Will see what she is like this morning as sometimes this is also an indication that they are not well. So might have to check her over. Wonder what storms we will get tonight, those have been awesome over the last few days. Took our phone out on Friday night but thankfully that was all. Glad in a way we don't have solar panels as otherwise those would have been fried!

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