Wednesday, 1 February 2012

There is always somebody worse off than you

Last night after a hectic day, dug two wombats out to move them, friends dog bitten multiple times by snake, we don't know whether tiger or brown, the other dog major blood infection, not sure if it will live, business has gone mad - when do I sleep? But as above, when you think things are bad for you or tough, there is always something or someone that comes along that needs help or a helping hand to get you out of that state and realise how damn luck you actually are and that all the 'worries' can be dealt with. Life is good to me that way, its always a friend or animal that brings me out of that place in life. Off to vet, then back to do wombats, then up to Ns to see how she is doing and how her dogs are. Hope it is good news for her. Hold thumbs....

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