Sunday, 23 September 2012

The hours just seem to be running one into the other here, no day or night specifically. Hard enough trying to do the food shopping! If you want variety in life, just add a toddler:).

I was going to put up a photo or two of Veg to show what damage a car can do but I think they might upset people. We are on day 8 and she has pulled 1 or 2 stitches out last night. Not good at all. If her stitches come out, we are in trouble. If her wound opened up, it would be the size of a side plate - a very big wound and we would not be able to restitch it.

We are going to bandage her back feet up so she cannot scratch but I am not sure how long that will last as until you have dealt with a wombat's stubbornness, its hard to believe what they are capable of. But we have to try at least. Her baby is still alive and doing well from what we can tell. Veg is otherwise relaxed and eating well so that is good.

Miss G, well she is just in a world of her own. She is recovering well. Boney Bum - he continues to cause havoc and fences around enclosures have to get higher and higher. Unbelievable. We have another attacked male who we have to catch and treat. Trying to get an injured wombat out of a burrow - not an easy task in the slightest.

Tug has finally moved up the back to one of the enclosures and he has turned overnight, literally. Which is good for his rehabilitation back into the bush - just another set of mobile teeth that we have to look out for and not be ambushed by. Wombats do not ambush people, please don't think they lie in wait in the bush *lol* however when young males 'turn', they do get very aggressive and while we have raised them, we have to respect their change as it is how they will survive in the wild. Sometimes in the early stages they will still come up from their burrow if they hear us so we have to be very careful if they do. The ultimate result is that they do not come up at all during the daylight hours which is what Tug has been doing for a while now so he is on his way to a great release.

 Back to it here.

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