Wednesday, 31 October 2012

New addition!

So a new VERY tiny addition has arrived into Sleepy Burrows. A little male wombat, around 140g I would say. The reason why he has such a strong chance is that he was found not long after his mother was killed thankfully. Not far from where we live so we were able to get him quick smart. Its never good to start your morning off with having a large dead female delivered but if she has a joey, the joey deserves a chance at life. 
You can see him on Youtube Sleepy Burrows
Will he survive? Good question. It is up to mother nature. Some this tiny do, some don't. Only the fittest will survive from this age. As humans we can never match what a mother wombat does to raise a joey, we can only try our best. This means 2 hourly feeds around the clock, constant temp of 28-30 degrees and he needs to be lubricated regularly so that his skin does not dry out as in his mothers pouch it is constantly moist. He had to be cut out of the pouch so that you do not injure them when removing them. 

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