Sunday, 27 November 2011

I learnt something new today. Did you know that if you grow your own lettuce and it tastes very bitter when you pick it, it has had too much heat, ie gotten too hot? I didn't, thank you David and Connie. Now I shall start again:). This year is my second attempt at a veggie garden. The carrots are thriving, the lettuce - well, I'll start fresh with those. The roma tomatoes are going to be fantastic. Now I just have to plant sweet potatos and spring onions and I'll be happy. At least Bella has stopped using the veggie garden beds as a landing pad onto the verandah!!! You have to give it to her, if there is a quicker way up, she will find it. I couldn't understand why there were these holes in the veggie bed all the time - until Phil pointed out it was Bella's trampoline!

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