Saturday, 24 December 2011

I'm in heaven.....

I am naming our next child Husqvarna *lol* (only joking mom):). Oh my goodness, WHAT a difference to do the mowing of acres and acres on a ride on mower as opposed to all by brush cutting. Wow oh wow. I feel like a little kid in a toy store, truly. Okay, so maybe 'city' orientated people might not understand this but when you live on a rural property (we live in the bush), summer brings all sorts of things to think about and with all the rain, we haven't had this much grass grow in literally years. I feel like I have my garden back:).

And has anybody noticed all the different birds around this year? I am seeing birds which haven't come this way for at least 3 years. And normally we find a lot of emaciated parrots, very thin birds of prey, you name it. Not this year. Not one bird so far (hold thumbs).

And with the rest of Canberra and surrounds, we braved the shops this morning. Early as we could but oh please, somebody remind me next year not to do this again!!! Its just madness at Christmas time. Its almost like the shops are going to close for a month. Its only a day folks:). The trolleys which we saw, piled so high. Shelves of certain things, completely empty. You do know of course that by the 28th December you will be able to buy your first Easter Eggs, that always cracks me up:). Its 6:09pm and I'm actually sitting at the computer typing. Wombats have been done, all enclosures that is, now its just a matter of swopping during the night. Madam J is fast asleep after her big day out and Bella is passed out at my feet. I might be able to sit down after dinner and read my book:). Off to make the most of the quiet. 

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