Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Waste of time!

Sometimes in life you realise (albeit a little too late) that you have wasted a LOT of time on somebody. So what do you do? Move on and up I reckon. A bit hard at times but necessary. As I've said before, one chapter closes, another opens.

Before I forget, if anybody uses a farrier in the Gundaroo area called 'Kingy' - suggest you look for another one. You wouldn't want a man who beats dogs and breaks their legs to be looking after your horses - I don't need to say anymore here. 

No sign of Genie, she must be happy having gone off down to the creek. I remember hearing a wombat screaming at 4:15am, it must have been her as she was a screamer. Another two arriving shortly at Sleepy Burrows - ha, far from sleepy!! There is a feeding station which is put out each night. The reason I do this is so that I can monitor the ones released or the ones which come by for help. This has happened a lot in the past and I've been able to treat them accordingly or take them back into care while they recover. Wombats are very cruel amongst themselves for territory. Having watched them in the wild encounter each other and having run down to stop a fight which was getting out of hand far too often, by having them encompass the house territory as part of their range, it helps me monitor more closely. Last night there were 3 females around at one time. The dynamics can be very interesting to watch. I'm sure Boney Bum doesn't have a voice box as I have never heard him/her scream at the others, he/she only ever bolts but never a sound comes out of this wombat. Daphne appears to be the dominant female at the moment. All the others scream and/or bolt when they sniff her or hear her coming. I can only imagine that Forrest is the dominant male now that Titch is gone. But then you can never be certain. Will have to watch and see.

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