Saturday, 7 January 2012

Back finally...

After being flattened by a bug for almost a week, I am finally starting to feel normal again, whatever normal is for me:). For those following on Buzz's condition, he is I believe starting to improve. His wounds, although very severe are starting to heal very slowly, he is eating copious amounts of grass each night now on his own and drinking water on his own. I have also managed to figure out how to start the wombat information page so this is where I will put information on these amazing creatures and what they have taught me.

For now though, it will be catching up on life for me. Its amazing with today's techno world how much things build up. Emails, work emails, facebook, blah blah. Heavens, surely life was easier in my Grandmother's days:). No wonder she never wanted me to teach her about the internet and email *lol*. You were clever there Gran. 

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