Thursday, 12 January 2012

On leave for 2 days...

Wow, I have 2 days leave from work. Do I go and mow, brushcut, read my book, potter in the garden, go into town and get things done or just sit? Cannot make up my mind. That is half my problem, I cannot sit still most of the time. I very rarely have a problem sleeping which is a good thing - wonder why huh? 

Buzz is doing brilliantly. His wounds are looking much better, he is eating but interestingly enough its always during the day and he sleeps at night - total opposite to what a wombat normally does. This is because when a wombat is injured or sick, they tend to come out during the day to feed. This prevents them from being attacked further at night when the other wombats are out. What I have found interesting is that he is continuing this natural instinct, even though he is in care currently and is safe. It just shows you how strong their instinct to survive is.

We also finished an extension to one of the enclosures and it is probably the best one we have now. It enables the younger wombats in rehab to come out and explore within the safe boundaries of the fence (modified of course for wombats) and at the same time, they get interaction with the wild wombats who come up at night to sniff and see who is about. I believe this teaches the younger ones in rehabilitation about what sounds to listen for as potential threats, they get an idea of what a wild wombat smells like, the noises it will make before trying to attack, etc. So far our release success rate has been I would say about 95% and this is a very important element for wombats in care to learn about. Rocks, have to get more rocks this afternoon, have made mental note of that:).

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