Friday, 1 June 2012

Hmmm, toxoplasmosis seems to be rearing its ugly head in wombats more and more. Some things are starting to make sense to me in terms of wombats we have had in the past with brain damage. Why? Or has it always been out there in these numbers - good question I would like answered. I'm starting to think its why Miss G is like she is and various others we have had.

We have another manged wombat we are trying to catch. At least they come out in Winter and we can get them before summer. This one has been pushed out of its territory I would say with the condition it is in so it sadly has one road to follow BUT it will be a road of no more suffering at least. One has to be sensible and although you try and save all the ones you come across, it is kinder to put down at times, for the animals sake. Just never a nice job or feeling it leaves you with.

Johnson, we will be back to the vet. I'm not happy with his progress over the last week and I know the vet won't be either. He hasn't lost anymore weight but hasn't improved either. Man they do your head in sometimes as they are such strong animals for what they endure. Tug also decided to dig out of his enclosure last night. Found him frolicking on the bank this morning after banging around at 5am under the house. He doesn't know how lucky he is that Boney Bum didn't get hold of him last night. Tug is only about 15kg and not ready at all for release and would not have stood up to Boney Bum in the slightest.

Silo is no longer fun to walk, he is just bite bite bite which is great for him, that is what he has to develop but not fun for the person walking him in the bush. He now goes up to the enclosure area and digs to his hearts content for a few hours. He will move up there permanently at the end of winter. Looks like he is going to be a good solid male wombat as well. The new male named Moses has settled in very well. He is also responding to the other males in terms of territorial noises and sounds so that is great.

Why so many males in care this year and last - only they know. Thank goodness Daphne's little one is a girl. We have an idea that Veg is pregnant too, I hope that is another little female. Boney Bum has clearly been busy, I will say no more!!!

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